Psychic Reading

Psychic reading is a unique method of detecting the root cause of the issues using higher perceptive ability. A psychic reader will have extra sensory perception (ESP) through which they are able to read and see things which common men cannot perceive.

Most of our health issues are psychosomatic (psycho=mind, soma=body) in nature, meaning the mental pattern getting manifested as some sort of disease in the body.

Health issues first appear on our psychic body or Energy body (subtle body) and then it appears on physical body over a period of time. So, the roots of our physical, emotional and mental issues lie in our psychic bodies. In order to solve any health issue, knowing the root cause of the issue is very important.
A psychic reading is an attempt to scan the energy body and detect any blockages in Aura, Chakras, Subtle Bodies and Energy Channels to identify the root cause of any health issues.

A psychic reader will access the energy body of the client through meditation, intuition, clairvoyance and other extra sensory mediums to give accurate reading and also provide best solutions to client’s health issues.

  • We give the best readings by scanning through Meditation, Clairvoyance and Mediums.
  • For psychic reading, we may ask for latest picture, age and current location which will be kept purely confidential.


  • When you know WHY it’s happening, what is the Root Cause of your concerns, you are almost close to possible solution.
  • It is very systematic approach to solve any problems
  • Gives better clarity on the problems
  • Solving the problem becomes very easy
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