Spiritual House Cleansing

Our houses can become sick just as our bodies can. They too become filled with non-beneficial energies. There may also be streams of noxious energies flowing through our house which can cause illness and dis-ease.

All of our electrical appliances emit damaging energies. Emotions such as anger, depression, sadness, etc. can get caught in our homes, causing the people who live there to be depressed or to fight more.

Negative Vibrations

Our houses and offices can become filled with negative, non-beneficial energy. This energy is produced by the thoughts and words, often called thoughtforms. Angry words, fearful thoughts, depression and other emotions can become stuck in the room where they were expressed. This is why you can walk into a room where an argument has just occurred and feel the tension in the air.

Noxious Energies

The Earth is surrounded by streams of noxious energy and underground streams which can cause dis-ease. If a stream of noxious energy passes under your bed, there is a high risk of you developing cancer. These noxious energies can cause relationship, health and mental issues.

EMF – Electro Magnetic Fields

Our appliances emit an electro magnetic field which can extend throughout a room. These EMFs have been proven to cause illness and dis-ease.
Spiritually clearing these energies can improve your health and comfort level.

House Won’t Sell?

If your house is filled with negative or noxious energy, it can sit on the market foreverwithout selling. If the home does not feel safe, comfortable and inviting, no one will want to buy it. Houses sell more on how they feel than what they look like. Spiritually Cleansing your house and removing the non-beneficial energies can help your house to sell quicker.

Business Slow?

Your customers leave behind negative energy and emotions when they visit your place of business. These negative energies will cause the energy to feel heavy making your employees and customers feel out of sorts emotionally and physically. Spiritually Cleansing the energy of your business will make it feel more inviting and comfortable thereby increasing your business and productivity.

Website Business Slow?

When customers visit your website, they leave behind negative energy and emotions just as if they had been there physically. This can cause sales to be sluggish and visitors to leave your site quickly. Spiritually Cleansing the negative energy from your website can increase your sales.

How is Spiritual House Cleansing or Spiritual House Healing Done?
A Spiritual House Cleansing or Spiritual House Healing can be performed very easily at a distance. A drawing of the house and property can be useful, but not necessary. I can stop the damaging energy flows and fill your house with beneficial energies. I can help your house or business to feel peaceful, inviting and like a home again.

Creating Sacred Space

We all love to have a special place in our homes where we feel safe and comfortable. A Spiritual House Cleansing can create that sacred space easily. It can make your home feel better than it ever has. Beneficial energies will be invited into your sacred space, making it a wonderful space for you to enjoy.
If you are unsure which Spiritual House Cleansing to order, contact us with details.

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