Student Counseling and Therapy

Most of the students suffer from common problems as mentioned below (specifically children of the age group between 12 to 17 years)

Exam fear ,Stage fear, Different Fears & Phobias Lack of interest in studies Lack of confidence Lack of self esteem

Lack of Concentration ,Lack of Memory power’ ,Mobile, TV and Internet addiction Migraine ,Allergy due to tension

Sleep Walking ,Bed wetting ,Nail Biting , Guilt Hand sweating Etc.Hormone Secretion.

It has helped many people to:-

Since teen age students are very sensitive and receptive in nature, it is relatively easy to clear their blockages and surface their potential by deprogramming or reprogramming unwanted programs in mind which may be self-created or externally induced.

Students therapy can be done using different techniques like Relaxation, Meditation, Hypnosis and followed by some instructions to get the best results in short time.

Most of the above stated students problems can be solved gradually after few sessions and we can see extraordinary results in them in all the aspects.

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